Euro Update

18 12 2010





Well I’ve been in europe for nearly 2 weeks and I thought id give a little update. Its being done from my phone so excuse the shortness and any grammatical errors.

Dec 7- arrived in London, welcomed with -1 degree weather. Stayed with my friend (who I’m travelling with – Myra for those know the name) at her friends apartment, which was well located near the city center. No snow as everyone thought. Really didn’t do much, it was our recovery stop before europe. Met a few friends, ate lots food, visited the usual sites. Barely spent 100 pounds over 4.5 days. It may sound boring but it was fun. Ended up missing our flight out of london due to stupidly long security checks, but managed to get onto the next flight (but with a 40 pound fee). And a 6.5 hour wait. Oh well.

Dec 10 – Amstersam. What else is there to say. We had a hotel which wasnt bad, but it had a canal view which was amazing to wake up to. Warmer than london, but definitely windier. Being next to the water might have added to the chill. The city is litered with “coffee shops” which with another friend, who joined us for a night, we made certain to go in for the real amsterdam experience (hint, hint)! We did a free walking tour which was great fun, and the city was amazing.

Dec 13 – Caught the train to berlin, which took just under 7 hours. Getting there we realised it was certainly going to be colder than our first 2 stops. Old snow litered the sidewalks, and that night it started to snow, which was amazing, but it made the temps drop quickly. The only cure? German beer and meat. I had a different beer each of the  days I was there. It was great haha. Temps did end up dipping to -6, even during daylight hours, which made it difficult to enjoy the city as much as I would have liked, but its certainly a place I’d like to go back to. We also stayed at a fairly nice hotel while here. Oh… And we got an over dose of christmas markets in berlin, but its all part of the expirience!

Dec 17 – Arrived in Prague today. A 4.5 hour train ride saw to it that we would drive at our coldest destination yet. Even though it was only -4  (lol yes I know thats cold too) when we arrived, there was plenty of snow to entertain us. Tomorrow might be the coldest day we’ll gave on our trip, which scares me. The weather forecast says a high of -7, and the coldest point of -16 (brr so cold!). If I survive that weather, I might update when I get to Venice (so exited!).

Blog you soon 😉


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