Work Work Work… and did I mention work?

4 10 2010

Find a job you like and you add five days to every week – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
It’s deffinately been a while since I’ve updated. Thing is I’ve been SUPER busy at work this week, I worked every single day, Monday to Sunday. I think I racked up about 48 hours of work, give or take an hour, which is my record for the most I’ve worked at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Phew. Now it’s over.. I’ll get back to regular blogging soon enough.

For now.. Enjoy this super short but thoughtful post ūüėõ


C’est la vie

19 09 2010

“I spent a year in that town, one Sunday.” – George Burns

C’est la vie. No it’s not quite an emotional thing. It’s because today is sunday, the last day of ‘freedom’. I have an assignment due tomorrow. It’s worth 35%. And I’ve been putting it off because… man I hate that assignment (Yes I hate it too Ash). It’s not particularly hard or long. I mean it’s 3000 words, and I’ve ever got a partner. She’s finished her part… and I’m struggling to hit 1000 words on mine. Sometimes you can’t figure out how to word the assignment, and just take your time on it. There’s just quite a lot on my plate right now, and as USUAL I’m stuggling to prioritize. But c’est la vie right?

But enough boring stuff. Let’s catch you all up to where I’m at. Apart from assignments adding up to 75% between 3 subject due in the next 3 weeks, life’s been pretty smooth. I managed to catch two great movies this week. The first one was ‘Despicable Me’ which was super cute and the ending gives you that warm feeling in your chest you get at happy endings. I’d recommend it to anyone, 3D or not. The second was ‘The Other Guys’ which might just be the most RANDOM movie I have ever seen in my life. Like so much was happening which you just looked at your friend and went ‘WTF…’, but nevertheless it was also one of the funniest movies I’ve seen this year, and I think I wouldn’t mind watching it again soon.

It’s been a pretty free week because Dad had gone overseas to Malaysia for the last 5 days, and it’s always a good change when your parent(s) leave you alone for a few days. You go ahead sleep at 8am, wake up at 6pm, then do it all again for fun. You drive the car to the city just because you can. It’s the small thing’s that count, every once in a while. That is why I can never wait to go overseas every 6 months, where you swap over to a different parent.

Apart from that, I’ve got nothing to add. But I do need to finish my assignment. Till next time friends. (Oh and no I haven’t forgotten about Part 2 of the Travel Blog.. but it’s coming soon I’m sure).

The girl from Ipanema

16 09 2010

“The only beautiful things are things that do not concern us” – Oscar Wilde
“The poetry of the earth is never dead” – John Keats

Note:¬†Despite being the shortest blog post I have done till date on ‘Je Suis, que je suis,’ it has been the one I have spent the longest on trying to capture all the feelings and emotions. Read on to find out.

The girl from ipanema. I first considered calling this post ‘the most beautiful sight in the world’ but it was only fitting that I was listening to ‘The girl from Ipanema” by Antonio Carlos Tom Jobim (which has a special signifiance for me), when I got the urge to write this post. If you haven’t heard this song before, I suggest you listen to it HERE. It reminded me of what I think is the most perfect sight in the world. No it is not a woman (or a group of them). No, it is not a particular place. No, it is not particularly difficult to get there. And no… it is not a secret. But it most certainly is underappreciated.

High above the ground , there is a¬†sight so unspoilt, so untouched by the destructive nature of man. There is a sight where one can endlessly gaze at without fear, or worry. It knows no bounds, and it knows no limits. It does not knock, and yet it does not intrude. There is no life, yet there is life in all it’s glory. Silently one by one, they blossom as the¬†bright sun departs and twilight drops her curtain, walking hand in hand with the moon,¬†giving way to an endless sea of diamonds in the sky. The world below sleeps, unaware of the marvel in the sky, for they are blocked by the silver clouds, never knowing that of which they cannot see. Reach for the moon, because if you don’t make it you’ll land among the stars.

And there it is. The most beautiful sight in the world. As you stare out the window of the airplane,¬†at the sky outside.. so close yet so far.¬†Below you the silvery¬†clouds, illuminated by the pearl of the sky – the¬†moon, which stretch out for miles¬†upon miles. Above you, the endless night sky, lit up by the diamond of the skies, like a billion spotlights all trying to outshine one another. It’s a sight I could look at for hours, and not get bored. Word’s cannot describe it. And niether can pictures, which is why this post doesn’ t have one. It seems so surreal. That moment, when you’re in¬†that cramped little¬†seat, unable to sleep because you find no confort in it, and amid the silence of the plane, asleep and in dream land, you lift the window cover and take a peek. It’s just unexplainable. And that was the first time I heard The girl from ipanema, 10 years ago. You feel like that weight on your shoulders, all the problems in the world having being lifted at that moment. And this is when I started to start appreciating nature more.

And when the universe, or god,¬†or nature,¬†or the heart, the spirits or whatver you believe in, decide it’s my time to leave this planet, then if and¬†when the last sight I see before my eyes close for the final time is ‘the most beautiful sight in the world’, then I know I will go in peace.

Quick Update!

14 09 2010


Quick Update! Sorry folks,I know I haven’t been updating as regularly as I should be (My Blog Buddy Dini puts me to shame on this front), but I’ve been cooking up (not actual cooking, methaphorically of course) a business idea with a few friends (who shall remain anonymous for now). I’ve already gone ahead and bought a website for hosting the page on, and the twitter page is now in full swing (140 followers in 24 hours!).

Unfortunately due to legal reasons (That’s a joke, we just want to keep it a surprise) I cannot actually give you many details just yet. I can however direct you to our Twitter page here – . So that’s the only thing I can disclose right now, our Twitter Page, and a name. Techin5. Our facebook fanpage will be up soon (but I’m pretty loaded with assignments as well, so I’m not sure when I can fit everything into the plan). So if you go ahead and give that page to ALL your friends, you’d really be doing us a HUUUUUGE favour when we’re ready to start, which should be within 1 month. The better our followers, the easier it will be to get the word out ūüôā

Let your mind go wild trying to figure out what exactly the site is all about. I’m not sharing that information quite yet however, but those who do know me and read this should get a sneak preview of what it’s all about, and trust me… you’re going to find it useful, boy or girl, man or woman. I’ve actually had this idea in my mind for sometime, but a few words here, a few explanations there finally pushed me to go and start this idea up. It’s one of the many business ideas I have in my mind, and if this is a great success, then maybe I’ll be able to unleash the other ideas upon the world.

So for now, all I can ask is that you (shameful Advertising I know.. but we’re all friends ūüėČ ) help promote our twitter page. I’m sure a few of you will be curious as to what it is, but just a little longer and you’ll soon find out. Our website isn’t even 1/10th completed yet, but it will get there. So in advance, thanks for all your help!

Want to know more? Stick around to find out!

Tales from a Life of Travel (Part 1)

12 09 2010

“I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine”¬† – Caskie Stinnett

Tales from a¬†Life of Travel. I thought it was time to break up those dark and heavy posts with something a bit lighter. I’m sure those of you who read this know me. But even then you don’t everything about me. While you’ll never learn everything about me, it dawned on me that I should at least share some of my life. This of course dawned on me when I was talking to two friends at a party (who i’ve known for at least 5 years mind you *cough* Arum, Steph *cough*) who were surprised when I told them I had lived in South America. So with that in mind, it gave me the perfect oppurtunity to to share some of my travelites with the world. And by world I mean the 20 of you who actually read this blog. Or at least click on the site link.¬†

South East Asia
Traveling has literally been in my blood since I was born. At the time, my parents were living in Indonesia and they flew back to Malaysia so I could be born in the same country my dad was, making me the first 2nd Generation Malaysian in my family. I was born on the 12th of November 1988, at the Subang Jaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur. About 3 to 7 days after I was born (my parent’s keep telling me different dates between those figures, so I’m not exactly sure anymore) we flew back to Medan, Indonesia. It’s strange to think that I spent less than a week in a country I was born (well.. after I was born at least), and a country I still call one of my home’s.

My Dad and I, in my early years

We weren’t in Medan for too much longer, and we ended up moving to Jakarta soon after. For those that don’t know,¬†Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia.¬†

Me in Pre-school

I really dont’ remember much of this, but from what I’ve seen, it was the only place which we’ve ever owned a dog (which by the way I’ve always wanted to have). So not much to say on this other than I don’t remember it. I do wish I could, but sometimes you can’t. Oddly enough we barely have any photo’s from Brunei.

¬†Following that we moved to Brunei. Unfortunately yet another place I don’t remember at all, and thats saying something as I have a pretty decent memory. I was young. Why was I moving to all these places you might be asking? Dad’s job, plan and simple. He used to work for a company called Schlumberger, and Oil and Gas Company. His job used to take him places, and where he went, the family followed. After Brunei we moved to Mynmar, or Burma as it was known when I lived there. This is where I really remember my earliest memories. By this time I had entered Kindergarden. I would have probably been 5¬† b y this point of time. I remember our BIG house, with a massive ballroom. I remember we had a Tennis Court and¬†a pool. I remember being driven by the driver to school, and my mum scolding me for leaving with out her. I remember my sister taking her first steps here. I remember the giant snake the gardeners had to kill. I remember the possum that the¬†we found and fixed up. I remember my class. I remember the¬†parties my parents used to throw. I remember my birthday party on the tennis courts.

My Bday - Mynmar on our tennis court

I remember.¬†Memories, all good ones. Well except the driver of my friend’s mum who used to scare me by pretending to start chasing me. I still don’t think he was pretending. It’s too bad Mynmar is in absolute chaos these days. It was a lovely country where I have only fond memories of, despite having lived there only one year. I still talk about it from time to time, and why wouldn’t I.. it’s as far back as I can recall, and that in itself counts for something.

¬†Following that fantastic one year there, we finally moved back to Malaysia. Home after 6 years, to a beach town (wasn’t quite a city) called Kemaman, in the state of Terengannu.

Just having some fun, back in Kemaman, Malaysia

My memory is a little hazy to which came first, but I believe when we first moved there, we moved into a house not more than 5 minutes away from a beach. If you’ve ever lived next to a beach, then you can understand when I say it’s one of the best places you could ever live. The smell of the sea when you walk outside¬†is absolutely¬†refreshing¬†when compared to¬†the overly humid, tropical fume filled air in other countries. It was where I learnt to love the sea. When I used to enjoy it. How times change… but that’s another story for Part 2, so check back soon Ladies and Gentlemen, There’s a lot more to go. ūüėČ

Sleepless in Melbourne

10 09 2010

‚ÄúIf you can‚Äôt sleep, then get up and do something instead of lying there worrying.¬† It‚Äôs the worry that gets you, not the lack of sleep‚ÄĚ ‚Äď Dale Carnegie

Sans sommeil dans Melbourne. I actually wanted to talk about about quite a dramatic problem of mine as of late. Well I consider it¬†a problem. It’s my problem of being unable to go to bed before 4am, unless I have somewhere to be REALLY EARLY. The last 4 night’s I’ve hit 6am, before deciding to finally drag my feet up to bed. What might I be doing? I couldn’t tell you even if I tried. Sure there’s the odd gaming session on my new Alienware laptop, or the occasional midnight snack while watching a tv show, but other than that… it’s just pointless net surfing. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Eurosport, Engadget, WordPress, F1-TM, then back to Facebook and Twitter (I checked my facebook 7 times while writing this blog). That’s pretty much how my night’s go. It’s a sad fact, but least it’s better than going out, getting wasted and spending money (trying to save for any potential End of Year Trips).

I don’t remember what I do, all the pointless hours wasted on the net doing practically nothing. Or nothing ‘worth while’ as my dad would put it. Why do I do it though? Is it the appeal of being a rebel in my own way, where I stay up way past when I should? Perhaps, but I do have a few theories why I might do so.

My dad usually goes to bed between 11pm and 2am, depending on the movie playing on tv (Foreign Films if you’re wondering). My sister’s usually in bed much before then, either sleeping or on her netbook in her room upstairs. That leaves me alone. It pretty much gives me the freedom to do whatever I want between the hours of 2am and 6am. I can play a PC game without my dad asking me for the millionth time if ‘I’ve studied’ or if ‘I’m up to date with my studies’. Most conversations between us usually end like that these days. Or perhaps its the quiet. The Peace. The Tranquility. I’m not a spiritual or religous person by any means, but the time I spend alone in my thought’s is the one I enjoy the most sometimes. In a perfect world we would¬†do whatever we want when we wanted, but unfortunately for us… there is no such thing as perfect. It’s the coming to grips with¬†that, which can make it so hard sometimes. There are always good thoughts, but othertimes I’d rather forget about those thoughts.

It’s the quiet thinking when I’m in bed that I worry about the most, hence the quote at the start. Sometimes I just sit in bed, and ponder for hours. Where am I going? What is happening in my life? Why did things turn out the way they did? How would things be different if I tried harder? The questions go on and on and on. Sometimes they just get to me. Sometimes the thought follow my dreams. They’re restless and never peaceful. It doesn’t happen every night, but when it does happen.. it can be quite painstaking. Perhaps thats why I don’t want to go to bed early. The lack of hours in sleep is a better alternative to worrysome dreams, endless thoughts in bed, and ultimately a terrible night’s sleep. Or maybe I’m just nocturnal. Therefore it might be fitting that the song I’m currently listening to is Mr. Sandman¬†(Video Link), by¬†¬†The Chordettes. The Sandman is a mythical character in Western folklore who brings good dreams by sprinkling magical sand onto the eyes of children while they sleep at night. If he’s real, I could use a helping hand right about now.

Whatever it is, I most probably need to try and fix it. But while I’m still here might as well enjoy the most of Kanye West’s rants on twitter. I’ll keep you updated with any run in’s with the Sandman, but for now I bid you adieu.

March 2007.

9 09 2010


March 2007. Just over 3 years ago. That is the date I created this blog, and yet the irony of it is, that this is my first legitimate post, on this site at least. I’ve tried my hand at a few blogs over the years, but never really got into it. But as time has gone on, it’s become more apparent to me the appeal of blog writing. I’m not expecting a million readers. Not even 1000. No, I’ve decided to give this blog a legitimate chance of activity, not for the amount of readers, but because sometimes you need a place to put your thoughts somewhere (that and a slight push from a lovely friend of mine – her blog link to the right). You might be asking yourself ‘what chance does this blog have if the other blog’s were killed off just as they got started?’ It’s a fair question, once I’ve asked myself many times before finally taking the plunge into the world of blog writing once again. Unfortunately for this post, I’m been running around doing different thing’s while slowly updating this post. Hopefully the scatteredness doesn’t show too much ūüôā

The Simple answer is ‘You don’t know.’ Only Time can answer our questions, but I hope for our sake, that my interest holds up. But ‘interests’ has always been a tempermental thing with me. I have the most uncanny ability to lose interest in something which at one point may have been absolutely facinating to me. It sometimes worries me that this may be the reason I don’t have a legitimate hobby. Or a ligitimate interest in certain things I do, certain games I play, certain music genre’s I like, or why my relationships may suffer. But maybe this defines who I am in a positive way, rather than shedding a negative light on my personality. For instance, I might say it’s hard to get bored when you’ve always got a new interest. While that’s not quite 100% true, when I think back on it, it does make sense, in a strange way. How does one get bored, when they always have a new interest? I suppose the boredom might stem from a lack of stability. The saying ‘too much of one thing is never a good thing’ might apply here from one point of view, while another may perceive this to be completely untrue.¬†

Ellen Parr once quoted “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity”. I’m most certainly a curious guy. But sometimes that’s as far as I get. But that’s something I want to get into later, as I’d rather keep this post from getting overly heavy. What I will say however is that Curiosity is what defines me, its what gives me a sense of purpose at times and if that help’s me keep moving forward in life, then I’m happy to stay the way I am.

That leads me to my Blog. When I first created it 3 years ago, I called it “My Life, My Time, My Experieinces”. I had wanted to share My expiriences within my life over time, but with this blog, I want it to be more than just that. While that name¬†might have appealed to me 3 years ago, I wanted a change of name, a fresh start, a new beginning. After trying to find a catchy name for this blog for a few hours, while talking about my life to a friend on MSN, the name came to my head. ‘Je Suis, que je suis’. For those non-french speaking readers out there, it means ‘I am, Who I am’. Why did I choose that for a name? Simplicity. Rather than trying to be overly complicated, I wanted to just lay my cards on the table. I am, who I am. You either like that, or you don’t was the simple message. A friend from school once said my character could be summed up as one word – Blunt. I would say I still am, but to a certain extent of what it was 3 years ago.

So why French? For one, it sounded catchy in French, a language I took at school for 2 years. Secondly, something about the French language appeals to me. Whether it be the country where it originated – France, or whether it’s because France is considered the world’s foremost Food Capital, and I do like cooking myself, or even because I support the French National Football (Soccer) Team, I don’t know. One this for sure is that for now, ‘Je suis, que je suis’ is here to stay, and I hope you are too.

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