I’m Back.

4 12 2010

I’m Back. Oh yes its been a while. I know it, as do you. But I’m back writing, finally! The reason for my absence? Exams. Work. Travel Planning. Those 3 things have literally taken over my life, and I was unable to muster up the energy at the end of the day to star blogging again.

Why now? Well its simple… I’m going traveling, or to be more precise, I’ve already started travelling. I left Melbourne on the 2nd of December, and am now sitting comfortably in “my room” (aka the room I claim as mine when here) in the city I was born in – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m only here for a good 4 days before I finally start the ‘real’ travel leg.

On Monday morning, I, along with another friend will be travelling to Europe for a period of close to 40 days. It will be cold, it will be hard, and most importantly, it will break my bank twice over, and most probably render me broke.. yet I’m super excited for it.

I won’t spoil where I’m going just yet, I’ll leave that for blogging on the road, a sort of surprise. Most updates might be quick, not more than paragraph as I’ll be blogging from my phone when I can find some free wi-fi, and if I have time I’ll even upload a photo or two.

I’ll also be using Foursquare  as my check in point, so if you want, add me to follow me (jubbing) and hopefully I’ll be able to checkin each time I get to a city.

That’s all for now, as I have to finish looking at hotel booking and such (sometimes its so hard to find something you like within your budget). But stay tuned!

For now, it’s good to be back, and I hope to update more soon!


Tales from a Life of Travel (Part 1)

12 09 2010

“I travel a lot; I hate having my life disrupted by routine”  – Caskie Stinnett

Tales from a Life of Travel. I thought it was time to break up those dark and heavy posts with something a bit lighter. I’m sure those of you who read this know me. But even then you don’t everything about me. While you’ll never learn everything about me, it dawned on me that I should at least share some of my life. This of course dawned on me when I was talking to two friends at a party (who i’ve known for at least 5 years mind you *cough* Arum, Steph *cough*) who were surprised when I told them I had lived in South America. So with that in mind, it gave me the perfect oppurtunity to to share some of my travelites with the world. And by world I mean the 20 of you who actually read this blog. Or at least click on the site link. 

South East Asia
Traveling has literally been in my blood since I was born. At the time, my parents were living in Indonesia and they flew back to Malaysia so I could be born in the same country my dad was, making me the first 2nd Generation Malaysian in my family. I was born on the 12th of November 1988, at the Subang Jaya Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur. About 3 to 7 days after I was born (my parent’s keep telling me different dates between those figures, so I’m not exactly sure anymore) we flew back to Medan, Indonesia. It’s strange to think that I spent less than a week in a country I was born (well.. after I was born at least), and a country I still call one of my home’s.

My Dad and I, in my early years

We weren’t in Medan for too much longer, and we ended up moving to Jakarta soon after. For those that don’t know, Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. 

Me in Pre-school

I really dont’ remember much of this, but from what I’ve seen, it was the only place which we’ve ever owned a dog (which by the way I’ve always wanted to have). So not much to say on this other than I don’t remember it. I do wish I could, but sometimes you can’t. Oddly enough we barely have any photo’s from Brunei.

 Following that we moved to Brunei. Unfortunately yet another place I don’t remember at all, and thats saying something as I have a pretty decent memory. I was young. Why was I moving to all these places you might be asking? Dad’s job, plan and simple. He used to work for a company called Schlumberger, and Oil and Gas Company. His job used to take him places, and where he went, the family followed. After Brunei we moved to Mynmar, or Burma as it was known when I lived there. This is where I really remember my earliest memories. By this time I had entered Kindergarden. I would have probably been 5  b y this point of time. I remember our BIG house, with a massive ballroom. I remember we had a Tennis Court and a pool. I remember being driven by the driver to school, and my mum scolding me for leaving with out her. I remember my sister taking her first steps here. I remember the giant snake the gardeners had to kill. I remember the possum that the we found and fixed up. I remember my class. I remember the parties my parents used to throw. I remember my birthday party on the tennis courts.

My Bday - Mynmar on our tennis court

I remember. Memories, all good ones. Well except the driver of my friend’s mum who used to scare me by pretending to start chasing me. I still don’t think he was pretending. It’s too bad Mynmar is in absolute chaos these days. It was a lovely country where I have only fond memories of, despite having lived there only one year. I still talk about it from time to time, and why wouldn’t I.. it’s as far back as I can recall, and that in itself counts for something.

 Following that fantastic one year there, we finally moved back to Malaysia. Home after 6 years, to a beach town (wasn’t quite a city) called Kemaman, in the state of Terengannu.

Just having some fun, back in Kemaman, Malaysia

My memory is a little hazy to which came first, but I believe when we first moved there, we moved into a house not more than 5 minutes away from a beach. If you’ve ever lived next to a beach, then you can understand when I say it’s one of the best places you could ever live. The smell of the sea when you walk outside is absolutely refreshing when compared to the overly humid, tropical fume filled air in other countries. It was where I learnt to love the sea. When I used to enjoy it. How times change… but that’s another story for Part 2, so check back soon Ladies and Gentlemen, There’s a lot more to go. 😉

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