Rhymes and Mini-Poems

29 09 2011

I’m Back. Miss me? I’m not going to write much here, just lay down a couple of poems and such I’ve been messing with on Twitter. Let me know what’s good and what’s not!

  1. I have the heart of the poet, but the mind of a bandit.
  2. Two strangers a world apart. Two strangers only at heart.
  3. The strangers who come with the sands of time, always seem to leave us in our prime.
  4. You think that you may run this town, but you’ll be sorry when the darkness takes you down.
  5. It emereged of of a shadow backer than the night. Staying eyes be warned, that’s something you might not want to ignite.
  6. There are always choices to be made in life. But the longer you ponder, the more your life will be in strife.
  7. Two people, bonded by chance. Two strangers at a glance.
  8. The man with everything in the world travels in style. The man with nothing does not, but still travels with a smile.
  9. I’m going to leave this dirty time. Because destiny is just ahead, and I’ve got to climb
  10. The chase begins and what happens is anyone’s guess. The game will not stop till there is one less.
  11. The sharp crack of a branch shatters any illusions. The wolf and the man are now apart from delusions.
  12. Foru eyes sit and wait under the ever glowing moonlight. It seems the game of predator and prey may soon reunite.
  13. The sound of silence is shattered by the wolf passing. The arrow slides back together with the string.
  14. Oh yes, I am your stranger on the train. But watch me leave with the rain.
  15. Your world feels like it is collapsing. But rather, your mind is relapsing.
  16. From the mind of the Insane there is another life. Yet no one believes till there is a knife.
  17. The sun falls from the edge of grace. The night sweeps without a trace.
  18. The mind argues with the eyes. Those who do not trust can only be wise.
  19. There is little but silence in the air. The reflection at the end is just a glare.
  20. A flash in the sky is suddenly gone. At dawn comes the rising fawn.
  21. A stranger without a cause. In my way, there stands a lack of laws.
  22.  am the stranger on the train. Watch me come with the rain.



Ever Returning?

3 03 2011

Some ask will I ever return to blogging. The answer is I’m not sure. I’m extremely busy setting up my tech site, which is launching this coming Monday! (3pm AEST). I’ll release the details here as well don’t worry.

As for now, just enjoy a sneak preview of my logo!

Be sure to check back if you want access to the tech site!

Bye for now!

Euro Update

18 12 2010





Well I’ve been in europe for nearly 2 weeks and I thought id give a little update. Its being done from my phone so excuse the shortness and any grammatical errors.

Dec 7- arrived in London, welcomed with -1 degree weather. Stayed with my friend (who I’m travelling with – Myra for those know the name) at her friends apartment, which was well located near the city center. No snow as everyone thought. Really didn’t do much, it was our recovery stop before europe. Met a few friends, ate lots food, visited the usual sites. Barely spent 100 pounds over 4.5 days. It may sound boring but it was fun. Ended up missing our flight out of london due to stupidly long security checks, but managed to get onto the next flight (but with a 40 pound fee). And a 6.5 hour wait. Oh well.

Dec 10 – Amstersam. What else is there to say. We had a hotel which wasnt bad, but it had a canal view which was amazing to wake up to. Warmer than london, but definitely windier. Being next to the water might have added to the chill. The city is litered with “coffee shops” which with another friend, who joined us for a night, we made certain to go in for the real amsterdam experience (hint, hint)! We did a free walking tour which was great fun, and the city was amazing.

Dec 13 – Caught the train to berlin, which took just under 7 hours. Getting there we realised it was certainly going to be colder than our first 2 stops. Old snow litered the sidewalks, and that night it started to snow, which was amazing, but it made the temps drop quickly. The only cure? German beer and meat. I had a different beer each of the  days I was there. It was great haha. Temps did end up dipping to -6, even during daylight hours, which made it difficult to enjoy the city as much as I would have liked, but its certainly a place I’d like to go back to. We also stayed at a fairly nice hotel while here. Oh… And we got an over dose of christmas markets in berlin, but its all part of the expirience!

Dec 17 – Arrived in Prague today. A 4.5 hour train ride saw to it that we would drive at our coldest destination yet. Even though it was only -4  (lol yes I know thats cold too) when we arrived, there was plenty of snow to entertain us. Tomorrow might be the coldest day we’ll gave on our trip, which scares me. The weather forecast says a high of -7, and the coldest point of -16 (brr so cold!). If I survive that weather, I might update when I get to Venice (so exited!).

Blog you soon 😉

I’m Back.

4 12 2010

I’m Back. Oh yes its been a while. I know it, as do you. But I’m back writing, finally! The reason for my absence? Exams. Work. Travel Planning. Those 3 things have literally taken over my life, and I was unable to muster up the energy at the end of the day to star blogging again.

Why now? Well its simple… I’m going traveling, or to be more precise, I’ve already started travelling. I left Melbourne on the 2nd of December, and am now sitting comfortably in “my room” (aka the room I claim as mine when here) in the city I was born in – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’m only here for a good 4 days before I finally start the ‘real’ travel leg.

On Monday morning, I, along with another friend will be travelling to Europe for a period of close to 40 days. It will be cold, it will be hard, and most importantly, it will break my bank twice over, and most probably render me broke.. yet I’m super excited for it.

I won’t spoil where I’m going just yet, I’ll leave that for blogging on the road, a sort of surprise. Most updates might be quick, not more than paragraph as I’ll be blogging from my phone when I can find some free wi-fi, and if I have time I’ll even upload a photo or two.

I’ll also be using Foursquare  as my check in point, so if you want, add me to follow me (jubbing) and hopefully I’ll be able to checkin each time I get to a city.

That’s all for now, as I have to finish looking at hotel booking and such (sometimes its so hard to find something you like within your budget). But stay tuned!

For now, it’s good to be back, and I hope to update more soon!

Opening Up

19 10 2010

Opening up
. Sometimes I fear where I’m heading. This ‘building up walls’ nonsense… scares me, and helps me. It’s one of those cross road things. I feel that I am very emotionally.. closed.. and while it’s good because it helps me become stronger, less immune to emotional pains, and overall more confident… it also scare’s me how little things matter to me sometimes. I’ve seen people get really emotionally pent of over things, and I just go.. “whatever” before finally getting a chill up my spine.. and I wonder “what the hell is wrong with me!” It’s not even a question.. it’s more a statement.

I am emotinally closed that’s for sure. I know it. People tend to learn it eventually. There’s a reason thing’s don’t work out in life. But I tend to shrug things off rather than trying to feel them. Sometimes cracks to appear.. and thing’s that shouldn’t even ‘touch’ me emotionally, end up having a slightly stronger than expected emotion on me than I would expect. And I don’t like that. Nor do I hate it.. which frustrates me. I feel the crack’s appear.. when I try to cram too much inside. It’s like trying to stuff your cupboard with too many thing’s and it eventually break’s open? Yea.. that’s what it feel’s like. I feel I’m trying to be too much like a robot sometimes, cold and distant.. while at the same time vulnerable. I want to feel, but as with everyone else.. I’m afraid of getting hurt.. which is why I never fully have open myself up. It always end up the same anyways – in dissapointment.

I need something.. to to change that for me. Because I “feel” less and less. But I also “feel” more and more. That cannot be good for my heart.. or mind. I can’t stay closed up for ever… it’s already made me worse than I should be. Something need’s to change.. but I wouldn’t know where to begin.

When Fantasy met Reality

9 10 2010

I have had dreams and I have had nightmares, but I have conquered my nightmares because of my dreams – Jonas Salk

 When Fantasy met Reality. Judging by the quote above, some of you might have guessed this might be about dreams. The one’s you and I get while we lay on our beds. The one’s we get after the endless tossing and turning. Yea, those ones. I’ve spoken a little about sleeping in ‘Je suis, que je suis’ before, but I wanted to delve a little deeper this time. We all have those dreams where we remember just for a few instances after we’ve woken up, only to realise, that you have little to no recollection of those. Then there are those, where you can’t remember the instance you wake up, for whatever reasons.

Then there are those other dreams. The one’s that stay with you, etched in your mind like you had just lived a reality instead of a fantasy. Those dreams which make you think they hold some special importance over your life.  Some are pretty great. Others… well lets just say they don’t bring up postive emotions in any way.

See dreams are meant to be good. They hold our fantasies, and fantasies we could have never dreamed of (literaly) while awake. It’s a magical place to escapt to, to leave all that is sane and normal in Reality, and escape into a world of Fantasy of fun, entertainment, and ultimately happiness. Like the one last night… strange it it might have been.. but I’m not going into any details.. just incase she reads this (I’ve had more than one awkward moment tonight). But it’s been one of the nicer ones I’ve remembered in recent times… even though it may have ended all weirdly lol… here I go talking to myself again…

 On the other hand.. you have the exact opposite. The one’s where you wake up.. shocked, scared, worried, or sad. It’s amazing how powerful these ‘other dreams’ can be to evoke such strong emotions in humans. It’s like something inside us.. has been building up.. and is unleashed in your dreams… sort of like a dream prison. We don’t choose when we wake up from dreams, and it’s interesting how we always stay stuck in ‘bad dreams’ longer than ‘good dreams’. One dream for instance, evoked such a strong reaction from me that as soon as I woke up, I went downstairs and just sat in silence on my couch. No… I don’t remember why I did it, or when I went back to bed. Perhaps that was the second layer of my dream.. sort of like from Inception. I’ll never know.

I’m not quite trying to say Good Dreams are Fantasy and Bad Dreams are reality, because our lives revolve around Fantasy and Reality. Sometimes we get lost trying to draw the line, but one thing is clear at the end of the day… Fantasies will meet Reality… and when that happens, I hope you’re ready.

Side Note: I’m back with blogging and here to stay. I hope you are too 😉

Work Work Work… and did I mention work?

4 10 2010

Find a job you like and you add five days to every week – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
It’s deffinately been a while since I’ve updated. Thing is I’ve been SUPER busy at work this week, I worked every single day, Monday to Sunday. I think I racked up about 48 hours of work, give or take an hour, which is my record for the most I’ve worked at the Melbourne Convention Centre. Phew. Now it’s over.. I’ll get back to regular blogging soon enough.

For now.. Enjoy this super short but thoughtful post 😛

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