Rhymes and Mini-Poems

29 09 2011

I’m Back. Miss me? I’m not going to write much here, just lay down a couple of poems and such I’ve been messing with on Twitter. Let me know what’s good and what’s not!

  1. I have the heart of the poet, but the mind of a bandit.
  2. Two strangers a world apart. Two strangers only at heart.
  3. The strangers who come with the sands of time, always seem to leave us in our prime.
  4. You think that you may run this town, but you’ll be sorry when the darkness takes you down.
  5. It emereged of of a shadow backer than the night. Staying eyes be warned, that’s something you might not want to ignite.
  6. There are always choices to be made in life. But the longer you ponder, the more your life will be in strife.
  7. Two people, bonded by chance. Two strangers at a glance.
  8. The man with everything in the world travels in style. The man with nothing does not, but still travels with a smile.
  9. I’m going to leave this dirty time. Because destiny is just ahead, and I’ve got to climb
  10. The chase begins and what happens is anyone’s guess. The game will not stop till there is one less.
  11. The sharp crack of a branch shatters any illusions. The wolf and the man are now apart from delusions.
  12. Foru eyes sit and wait under the ever glowing moonlight. It seems the game of predator and prey may soon reunite.
  13. The sound of silence is shattered by the wolf passing. The arrow slides back together with the string.
  14. Oh yes, I am your stranger on the train. But watch me leave with the rain.
  15. Your world feels like it is collapsing. But rather, your mind is relapsing.
  16. From the mind of the Insane there is another life. Yet no one believes till there is a knife.
  17. The sun falls from the edge of grace. The night sweeps without a trace.
  18. The mind argues with the eyes. Those who do not trust can only be wise.
  19. There is little but silence in the air. The reflection at the end is just a glare.
  20. A flash in the sky is suddenly gone. At dawn comes the rising fawn.
  21. A stranger without a cause. In my way, there stands a lack of laws.
  22.  am the stranger on the train. Watch me come with the rain.



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