C’est la vie

19 09 2010

“I spent a year in that town, one Sunday.” – George Burns

C’est la vie. No it’s not quite an emotional thing. It’s because today is sunday, the last day of ‘freedom’. I have an assignment due tomorrow. It’s worth 35%. And I’ve been putting it off because… man I hate that assignment (Yes I hate it too Ash). It’s not particularly hard or long. I mean it’s 3000 words, and I’ve ever got a partner. She’s finished her part… and I’m struggling to hit 1000 words on mine. Sometimes you can’t figure out how to word the assignment, and just take your time on it. There’s just quite a lot on my plate right now, and as USUAL I’m stuggling to prioritize. But c’est la vie right?

But enough boring stuff. Let’s catch you all up to where I’m at. Apart from assignments adding up to 75% between 3 subject due in the next 3 weeks, life’s been pretty smooth. I managed to catch two great movies this week. The first one was ‘Despicable Me’ which was super cute and the ending gives you that warm feeling in your chest you get at happy endings. I’d recommend it to anyone, 3D or not. The second was ‘The Other Guys’ which might just be the most RANDOM movie I have ever seen in my life. Like so much was happening which you just looked at your friend and went ‘WTF…’, but nevertheless it was also one of the funniest movies I’ve seen this year, and I think I wouldn’t mind watching it again soon.

It’s been a pretty free week because Dad had gone overseas to Malaysia for the last 5 days, and it’s always a good change when your parent(s) leave you alone for a few days. You go ahead sleep at 8am, wake up at 6pm, then do it all again for fun. You drive the car to the city just because you can. It’s the small thing’s that count, every once in a while. That is why I can never wait to go overseas every 6 months, where you swap over to a different parent.

Apart from that, I’ve got nothing to add. But I do need to finish my assignment. Till next time friends. (Oh and no I haven’t forgotten about Part 2 of the Travel Blog.. but it’s coming soon I’m sure).




2 responses

19 09 2010

ah, the joys of being in school. you know, i really would give my desk job to be back at uni. only because at work, there’s nothing to do but i’m still required to sit on my ass like a good girl. it’s lame-balls. GOOD LUCK with the ass(ignment) Jubba! if you need help, i gotcha back. holla 😉

19 09 2010

Maybe if you worked in another country you wouldn’t be saying the same? Work hard.. save up.. move to a 1st world country 😀

And yea assignments done.. with a few major hitches of everyone forgetting to do a whole question :O

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