The girl from Ipanema

16 09 2010

“The only beautiful things are things that do not concern us” – Oscar Wilde
“The poetry of the earth is never dead” – John Keats

Note: Despite being the shortest blog post I have done till date on ‘Je Suis, que je suis,’ it has been the one I have spent the longest on trying to capture all the feelings and emotions. Read on to find out.

The girl from ipanema. I first considered calling this post ‘the most beautiful sight in the world’ but it was only fitting that I was listening to ‘The girl from Ipanema” by Antonio Carlos Tom Jobim (which has a special signifiance for me), when I got the urge to write this post. If you haven’t heard this song before, I suggest you listen to it HERE. It reminded me of what I think is the most perfect sight in the world. No it is not a woman (or a group of them). No, it is not a particular place. No, it is not particularly difficult to get there. And no… it is not a secret. But it most certainly is underappreciated.

High above the ground , there is a sight so unspoilt, so untouched by the destructive nature of man. There is a sight where one can endlessly gaze at without fear, or worry. It knows no bounds, and it knows no limits. It does not knock, and yet it does not intrude. There is no life, yet there is life in all it’s glory. Silently one by one, they blossom as the bright sun departs and twilight drops her curtain, walking hand in hand with the moon, giving way to an endless sea of diamonds in the sky. The world below sleeps, unaware of the marvel in the sky, for they are blocked by the silver clouds, never knowing that of which they cannot see. Reach for the moon, because if you don’t make it you’ll land among the stars.

And there it is. The most beautiful sight in the world. As you stare out the window of the airplane, at the sky outside.. so close yet so far. Below you the silvery clouds, illuminated by the pearl of the sky – the moon, which stretch out for miles upon miles. Above you, the endless night sky, lit up by the diamond of the skies, like a billion spotlights all trying to outshine one another. It’s a sight I could look at for hours, and not get bored. Word’s cannot describe it. And niether can pictures, which is why this post doesn’ t have one. It seems so surreal. That moment, when you’re in that cramped little seat, unable to sleep because you find no confort in it, and amid the silence of the plane, asleep and in dream land, you lift the window cover and take a peek. It’s just unexplainable. And that was the first time I heard The girl from ipanema, 10 years ago. You feel like that weight on your shoulders, all the problems in the world having being lifted at that moment. And this is when I started to start appreciating nature more.

And when the universe, or god, or nature, or the heart, the spirits or whatver you believe in, decide it’s my time to leave this planet, then if and when the last sight I see before my eyes close for the final time is ‘the most beautiful sight in the world’, then I know I will go in peace.




2 responses

16 09 2010

such vivid descriptions! and how apt 🙂 beautiful writing jubbajubs!

18 09 2010

Danke Dinizers!

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