Quick Update!

14 09 2010


Quick Update! Sorry folks,I know I haven’t been updating as regularly as I should be (My Blog Buddy Dini puts me to shame on this front), but I’ve been cooking up (not actual cooking, methaphorically of course) a business idea with a few friends (who shall remain anonymous for now). I’ve already gone ahead and bought a website for hosting the page on, and the twitter page is now in full swing (140 followers in 24 hours!).

Unfortunately due to legal reasons (That’s a joke, we just want to keep it a surprise) I cannot actually give you many details just yet. I can however direct you to our Twitter page here – www.twitter.com/techin5 . So that’s the only thing I can disclose right now, our Twitter Page, and a name. Techin5. Our facebook fanpage will be up soon (but I’m pretty loaded with assignments as well, so I’m not sure when I can fit everything into the plan). So if you go ahead and give that page to ALL your friends, you’d really be doing us a HUUUUUGE favour when we’re ready to start, which should be within 1 month. The better our followers, the easier it will be to get the word out 🙂

Let your mind go wild trying to figure out what exactly the site is all about. I’m not sharing that information quite yet however, but those who do know me and read this should get a sneak preview of what it’s all about, and trust me… you’re going to find it useful, boy or girl, man or woman. I’ve actually had this idea in my mind for sometime, but a few words here, a few explanations there finally pushed me to go and start this idea up. It’s one of the many business ideas I have in my mind, and if this is a great success, then maybe I’ll be able to unleash the other ideas upon the world.

So for now, all I can ask is that you (shameful Advertising I know.. but we’re all friends 😉 ) help promote our twitter page. I’m sure a few of you will be curious as to what it is, but just a little longer and you’ll soon find out. Our website isn’t even 1/10th completed yet, but it will get there. So in advance, thanks for all your help!

Want to know more? Stick around to find out!




3 responses

14 09 2010
ckap the best

temme laaaa

14 09 2010

A-HA! So that’s who Techin5 is! …I have a feeling in my waters that this has to do with helping technologically challenged people (seeing AS my comment on fb chat the other night was SOO funny to you!) lol I’m sooo right aren’t I? Or at least flowing along the same lines? Plus, Tech-in-5 … I don’t know… (understanding)tech in 5(minutes)? hahaha just throwing that out there . for all i know i could be waay off the mark. EITHER WAY, can’t wait to find out for sure!
ps. i update so much because i honestly have no life in Cambodia. balls.

14 09 2010

Aha.. in DUE time ladies.
But Dini.. I can say you’re on the right path.

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