March 2007.

9 09 2010


March 2007. Just over 3 years ago. That is the date I created this blog, and yet the irony of it is, that this is my first legitimate post, on this site at least. I’ve tried my hand at a few blogs over the years, but never really got into it. But as time has gone on, it’s become more apparent to me the appeal of blog writing. I’m not expecting a million readers. Not even 1000. No, I’ve decided to give this blog a legitimate chance of activity, not for the amount of readers, but because sometimes you need a place to put your thoughts somewhere (that and a slight push from a lovely friend of mine – her blog link to the right). You might be asking yourself ‘what chance does this blog have if the other blog’s were killed off just as they got started?’ It’s a fair question, once I’ve asked myself many times before finally taking the plunge into the world of blog writing once again. Unfortunately for this post, I’m been running around doing different thing’s while slowly updating this post. Hopefully the scatteredness doesn’t show too much 🙂

The Simple answer is ‘You don’t know.’ Only Time can answer our questions, but I hope for our sake, that my interest holds up. But ‘interests’ has always been a tempermental thing with me. I have the most uncanny ability to lose interest in something which at one point may have been absolutely facinating to me. It sometimes worries me that this may be the reason I don’t have a legitimate hobby. Or a ligitimate interest in certain things I do, certain games I play, certain music genre’s I like, or why my relationships may suffer. But maybe this defines who I am in a positive way, rather than shedding a negative light on my personality. For instance, I might say it’s hard to get bored when you’ve always got a new interest. While that’s not quite 100% true, when I think back on it, it does make sense, in a strange way. How does one get bored, when they always have a new interest? I suppose the boredom might stem from a lack of stability. The saying ‘too much of one thing is never a good thing’ might apply here from one point of view, while another may perceive this to be completely untrue. 

Ellen Parr once quoted “The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity”. I’m most certainly a curious guy. But sometimes that’s as far as I get. But that’s something I want to get into later, as I’d rather keep this post from getting overly heavy. What I will say however is that Curiosity is what defines me, its what gives me a sense of purpose at times and if that help’s me keep moving forward in life, then I’m happy to stay the way I am.

That leads me to my Blog. When I first created it 3 years ago, I called it “My Life, My Time, My Experieinces”. I had wanted to share My expiriences within my life over time, but with this blog, I want it to be more than just that. While that name might have appealed to me 3 years ago, I wanted a change of name, a fresh start, a new beginning. After trying to find a catchy name for this blog for a few hours, while talking about my life to a friend on MSN, the name came to my head. ‘Je Suis, que je suis’. For those non-french speaking readers out there, it means ‘I am, Who I am’. Why did I choose that for a name? Simplicity. Rather than trying to be overly complicated, I wanted to just lay my cards on the table. I am, who I am. You either like that, or you don’t was the simple message. A friend from school once said my character could be summed up as one word – Blunt. I would say I still am, but to a certain extent of what it was 3 years ago.

So why French? For one, it sounded catchy in French, a language I took at school for 2 years. Secondly, something about the French language appeals to me. Whether it be the country where it originated – France, or whether it’s because France is considered the world’s foremost Food Capital, and I do like cooking myself, or even because I support the French National Football (Soccer) Team, I don’t know. One this for sure is that for now, ‘Je suis, que je suis’ is here to stay, and I hope you are too.




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9 09 2010

Congrats Jubba, you’ve officially commenced your journey into the blogging world! Je suis, ce que je suis. Titre fantastique mon ami (I am surrounded by way too many French people here, the language seems to be catching on although the attitudes, not so much)! Looking forward to more 🙂

9 09 2010

Thanks Dinizers! I’ve got to say, 20 views already today, 18 yesterday. More than the 3 I was expecting, since I haven’t advertised on facebook. Twitter maybe, but I assume no one looks at links on twitter lol.

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